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Marc Katz of Kindness Animal Hospital Ordered to Surrender License in Pennsylvania!

Marc S. Katz, proprieter of Kindness Animal Hospital in Wheaton/Silver Spring Maryland --  ordered by the Pennsylvania Board of Veterinary Medicine to Surrender License!

The State of Pennsyvania issues the following in a list of disciplinary actions in May, 2007:

"Marc S. Katz, license no. BV004475L of Wheaton, Md., was ordered to voluntarily surrender his license, immediately cease and desist from practicing as a veterinarian and from representing himself as a board licensee in any manner whatsoever because he had his license to practice veterinary medicine revoked, suspended or subjected to other disciplinary action by another state on grounds which in this state allow disciplinary proceedings. (05-03-07)"

To view this state-issued document online, go to:

Subsequent inquiry revealed that this action was based on the case of Toonces.   To read about the nightmare experience my beloved Toonces had at Kindness Animal Hospital under the "care" of Dr. Katz, click on the link: "What Happened to Toonces?" on the left Navigation Bar.  

Maryland Residents:  Did you know -- there is NO requirement that people called "veterinary technicians" have ANY relevant training or licensing in the State of Maryland? 

December 12th Press Release from Maryland Veterinary Board Cites Actions Against Five Veterinarians

But does this press release provide misleading statistics on the veterinary board's actions -- or lack thereof -- on consumer complaints? 

To view excerpts of this press release, including the names of vets disciplined, click on "Disciplined Vets Info" on the left Navigation bar and select "Maryland."


Recently added ot the Toonces Project Website:  Disciplinary actions taken by the Maryland Veterinary Board from June 1, 2006 to March 20, 2007.

The Toonces Project currently features all Maryland veterinary disciplinary actions taken from January 1, 2005 through March 29, 2007.  More to come . . .

Maryland's Disciplined Vets, 2005-2006
MD's Disciplined Vets

Maryland's Disciplined Veterinarians Include:

Gregory Burbelo
Joanne Carey
Alvina Cook
Paul F. Deal
Adrienne Edwards
Ghulam Dastgir
W. Conrad Filsinger
Dennis Foster
Kenneth Fox
Gary Gross
Kim Hammond
Margaret Hoffecker
Leroy Johnson
Marc Katz
Patricia Kriemelmeyer
Patricia Lazik
Muhammed Meher
Lee Miller
Tracey Mock
James Nolte
Daniel Peck
Mary Reid
Charles Shortall
Leslie Taylor
James Thompson
Richard Weitzman
Robert Wesley
Lynn Wimmer

(What did these vets do?  Click on the graphic above for more detail on these cases, or select "Disciplined Vets" from the menu bar at left, and then select "Maryland".)

Update:  December 12th Press Release announces disciplinary action against the following Maryland veterinarians:

Benjamin Harman of Allegany County.
Frederick Adams of Montgomery County (based on complaints filed by three owners!)
Timothy Cujdik of Baltimore County (lapsed registration)
Richard Springer of Prince George County
Badr Oweis of Baltimore County

Toonces, 1989 - 2006: Prince, Cat in Shining Armor, Inspiration
Toonces, Brain Damaged
What Happened to Toonces?

Dr. Marc Katz of Kindness Animal Hospital in Maryland was found in Violation of the Veterinary Practice Act in the Case of Toonces.  In honor and memory of Toonces, we at the Toonces Project warn you never to blindly trust a veterinarian. 

Toonces died on June 22, 2006, at home in my arms, after 2 years of living with the devastating brain damage from which he had suffered since his weekend at Kindness Animal Hospital. What happened to Toonces was just the beginning of an eye-opening experience the led to the start of this site. As I connected with bereaved guardians all over the country, my eyes were opened about  the real problem of negligent, incompetent, dishonest, and yes -- even abusive -- vets.  For individuals who believe their pets have become victims of veterinary malfeasance, malpractice, negligence, or abuse . . .

We at the Toonces Project vow to:

Offer assistance researching standard of care issues, applicable laws and regulations

Provide moral support and writing assistance

Collect and make available public information on veterinarians' discipline records

Make common cause with activists nationwide who are taking up the charge to serve as a "watchdog" over a system which often fails to live up to its mission to protect pets -- by tracking and making available information on State Board action and inaction!

Join in the fight for legal recognition of our pets' value -- including the fight for a special classification as "sentient" property. While we'd like to ultimately see the law evolved beyond even this, this would be a step in the right direction. An informative article on the sentient property concept can be found here:

Do you believe that your pet has been harmed by negligence, substandard care, or malpractice? Write us today at

--- Stefani Olsen


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