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Does My Vet Have a RECORD???

Available Now -- Maryland Disciplinary Records for January 1, 2005 through March 2007.

Findings of Fact and Consent Orders issued by the Board during this period are now available on the Toonces Project website. 

Please click on Maryland in the header above to view these records.

Records from 2005 have been received from some other states listed above.

The Toonces Project continues to collect these records in an effort to provide the public with important information on veterinary conduct -- and state board actions, which we find woefully inadequate to serve as deterrant. 

As you read these cases, please know that many details provided by the complainant do not appear in the Board's formal document.  (I know that first hand -- someone reading the Board's action in the case of Toonces would never know the brain damage he suffered in the wake of events described.  Moreover, they would never know other important facts about the case critical to allowing a consumer to assess the behavior of Dr. Katz.  This is often the case with vet board decisions -- what they leave out is typically more shocking than what they leave in. So, read between the lines and make your own decisions).

Maryland Disciplinary Records, 2005-2006

Keeping An Eye on the Vets and the People Who Regulate Them

Coming Soon -- Your State's Disciplined Vets

If you would like assistance obtaining your veterinarian's disciplinary record, you may contact the Toonces Project at