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A new eye-opening site,, includes public record documents pertaining to Thomas Sheridan, South Carolina Vet who currently is a veterinarian for the South Carolina Aquarium! Support the efforts of these brave souls who have done the one thing the Toonces Project asks all pet guardians to do . . .

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Under Current Legal Status . . . ". . . veterinarians . . . have no financial incentive to avoid negligent treatment "

(From "Bailment and Veterinary Malpractice:  Dotrinal Exclusivity, or Not?", University of California, Hastings College of Law; Katie Scott)

Veterinarians operate in a legal never-never land.  They avoid being held professionally responsible for acts of negligence, malpractice and abuse by exploiting our society's schizephrenia about companion animals (on the one hand, beloved family members; on the other, disposable property), and by exploiting the confusion surrounding the the laws and regulations that may or may not apply to the regulation of their profession.  Pioneers in the field of animal law are working to define, deconstruct, and address these contradictions.  And pet owners nationwide are clamoring for change!

For a fascinating explanation of this legal never-never-land, how it is exploited on behalf of negligent vets, and the conflict between the excercise of consumer rights and protections under "breach of bailment" laws and veterinary malpractice laws, see this article at the Animal Legal and Historical Center:

Just Property?  You Know Better -- And So Do They!  Your Love for Your Pets Pays Their Mortgage, and Don't You Let Them Forget It!

"And I say to [veterinarians], 'Let me suggest to you that you're a profession that has it both ways. On the one hand, you're a multibillion-dollar business where, when I come in to see you, you are relying on me having an emotional attachment to my animal so much so that I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to make that animal well. And you say to me in your waiting room, 'How's your boy? What's wrong with your kid? What's wrong with your baby?' And yet if you mess up, and I want you to be held accountable, you answer me with, 'It's a piece of property.' And I would suggest to you that if you actually believe that you should hang a plaque in your front office that says, 'You are hereby notified that we subscribe to the belief that your animal is a piece of property and will be treated as such here,' we'll see how long you stay in business. You just won't."

Santa Ana, Calif.-based animal-law attorney Robert Newman, quoted in The $50,000 Mutt,, June 11, 2003

Do Animals Have Real Value to Their "Owners"?  Just Ask These Heartbroken Pet Guardians and Read Their Vet Horror Stories

For Mishka:  "I know that I am justified to be furious and miserable and disgusted and upset."

For Suki:  "In death, her soul is bonded forever to a human who loved her -- and was loved by her -- more than words can say.  As anyone who has a companion animal soulmate will tell you, I didn't just love Suki with all my heart.  She was my heart -- and my roommate, my soulmate, my writing partner, my best friend, and now, my guiding spirit."

For Toasty:  "She was a true family member and brought joy and warmth to all of us. Just like a new child in the family, she brought many years of happiness to us. One would have never guessed on what her fate would have become ..... Our hearts will forever be truly broken."

For Stempy: "Stempy was an AKC Champion-sired male Shih Tzu . . . He was truly a once in a lifetime dog. . . We love you, Little Boy!! We miss you!! We will never forget you!! You will always be 'Daddy's Little Deputy" --

Unfortunately, the excerpts above are but a few among scores like them -- links to stories of heartbroken pet owners who believe that their pets have been victims of negligence, carelessness, malpractice or abuse.  For more links, and more stories, visit

Mere Property!!?? My A%*!!!!!