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Toonces' Brain Damage



Toonces was a normally functioning cat with NO neurological symptoms on the day he arrived at Kindness Animal Hospital for his medical board.  In fact, he had jumped to a perch on the screened porch to watch the birds. Two days later, he was having massive seizures, and fighting for his life.  After one month at SouthPaws, where he received excellent care, he was released from the hospital with hopes that he would recover more functionality.  This video shows Toonces, trying to wash his face after a meal.  It is very disturbing to me, and it was heartbreaking to watch.  However, he spirit and desire to live and regain some of his abilities remained strong.   It is my opinion that the brain damage demonstrated here -- and the brain damage he struggled with daily -- were the result of negligence on the part of Marc Katz, DVM, of Kindness Animal Hospital.

Video #1. Toonces' Brain Damage
Even a good day was bittersweet, as obviously Toonces was nowhere near a normal cat anymore.